3 Favorite Coffee Must stops on Oahu

When I get to enjoy my favorite beverage, Coffee. In my favorite place, Hawaii. Then clearly it needs to be celebrated and documented. Here are my top 5 (in no specific order) of must stop coffee shops. ** I have never been to the big island that is the only reason they aren't on there!


Kalapawai Market Kailua, HI

This out of the way family owned market on the east side of Oahu is a popular stop with the locals and travelers alike. There are 2 locations in Kailua I prefer the one by Kailua Beach Park it's got that original country store feel and make a mean Americano.

Olive & Oliver Waikiki, HI

Not only is everything here a social media worthy post...They make a mean cup of coffee too! Located just inside the Surf Jack Hotel ( which is also it's own little slice on heaven in a tourist heavy part of town)


ARVO Honolulu, Hi 

From the Moment you walk in ARVO you feel like you found your new neighborhood spot that that its in a shared space with  PAIKO Botanical Boutique (which will be it's own blog later I promise) and  MILO a Surf Boutique. It's laid back atmosphere coupled with its equally aloha vibed staff. From their Chia pudding to their amazing Avocado toast there's just about anything you're craving to go with your coffee... I have had many there,but the lavender coconut milk latte is my jam. Check them out you won't be disappointed!



Lavender Coconut milk latte at ARVO

Lavender Coconut milk latte at ARVO