Y'all, I'm in full refresh meets spring cleaning mode and everything is getting a deep clean....I always start at the front door and work my way in, then I realized that my front doormat took a beating during the winter months. So that was the best way to start. Now I just have to choose one! here are some that are making me smile and aren't a million dollars!

 I feel like I need a Y'all come on in doormat, but I do love this classic one from Bed Bath & Beyond

I feel like I need a Y'all come on in doormat, but I do love this classic one from Bed Bath & Beyond



I have become obsessed with coffee table books...Not only because they look fantastic and add personality to any space. They also really let you know the kind of home you're in. 


At my house they are almost all about beach life, dogs and design. At my girlfriend Summer Sanders house, they're all inspirational and motivational (I'm missing Olympian DNA clearly).


From fashion to surfing, whatever speaks to you and gives your home that pop of personality it might be missing with some of my favorite coffee table books below (BONUS...ALL these ship free on amazon woohoo!)



Sorry I screamed that! I just get so excited for this time of year! Every year in we have a chili cook-off with our neighbors and we bring all our patio furniture out to our driveway and pass out candy from there all night! SO, we set a super fun table (remember we've got a full house of furniture now in my driveway, it's so southern of me!) This year I thought I'd kick our table scape up a notch with a fun ice bucket for our wine!




The Vinyl word stickers come with 4 different phrases inside such as SQUAD GHOULS, YOU'RE WICKED AWESOME AND I'M HERE FOR THE BOO'S

Chooses which decal works for you and which crafting pumpkin is your color and simply peel and stick the decal right onto the pumpkin! So EASY and super CUUTE!






I LOVE this time of year! Leaves turning colors, Pumpkin everything, and fireplaces burning... Wow, that sounded super basic...and I just don't care! I embrace all things that make fall magical! I also love changing out my house with little changes that warm it up without breaking the bank!

5 Statement Chandeliers on a Budget.

I love a good statement piece, and nothing has a bigger impact to me than a show stopping chandelier! Every season I go thorough this, where I want to change out all the lighting in our house... Clearly I don't, but I'd love too!! Here are 5 that are all making me smile right now!


Here are 5 chandeliers I'm loving right now!

This vivid turquoise wood beaded chandelier from Target is checking in at only $405 compared to most Turquoise stone beaded chandeliers that is a steal! 


At only $197.99 the Zuo Sapphire Chandelier makes you stop and stare for more than one reason

Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 2.50.27 PM.png

I'm obsessed with this Cyrus 6 Light Sputnik Chandelier and at $199 I feel like I need it in my life

My Southern is showing with my joy over this delicate feminine Grace 5 Light Chandelier I feel like it needs a good screened in porch to live it's best life on... and for only $163.99 it will find a home fast!

Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 3.14.33 PM.png

This is the perfect compact chandelier if you want a huge visual impact in a small space this beauty is from West Elm and is only $199

Last Minute Mother's Day Gifts (Most have free shipping!!)

Mother's Day is this Sunday Y'ALL!!! And it just dawned on me this morning! I know, it's awful I swear it snuck up on me this year, Ok, it might sneak up on me every year! Here's some last minute gift ideas that will still get to your Mama's house by Sunday, and not totally break the bank! Woohoo!

 IMAGE Spartina 449

IMAGE Spartina 449

Y'all I LOVE a good tote bag, and I bet your Mama will too! I love my southern sisters at Spartina 449 this is their Sand Tote and it comes in a bunch of fun designs and they do free shipping for all orders over $100

Shari's Berries are always a great gift and they're awesome at last minute on time delivery! and who doesn't love ANYTHING dipped in chocolate! Their full dozen gourmet chocolate dipped strawberries are under $30 this week!

 Image:  Kiehl's

Image: Kiehl's

I love a good gift set and I love skincare that doesn't brake the bank! Your Mama will love that you were thoughtful, without having to live on Ramen noodles to give her something as awesome as this Kiehl's Ultra Facial Collection 6 piece gift set it's one of my favorite and it's only $50 and they're doing free Express shipping using Code: MOM 

 IMAGE  Starbucks

IMAGE Starbucks

Every Mama I know is constantly on the go and in some way or another fueled by some form of caffeine! As a proud southerner we love a great glass of Iced Tea and this Iced Tea Gift set from Starbucks is a multitasking mama's dream come true!! complete with travel tumbler, pitcher and  passion iced tea bags. Free shipping on orders over $50

We all know our Mama's say it best! What better way to let her always have her wisdom on display than with her own personal Quote board from Letterfolk they come in many different sizes and backgrounds to choose from starting at $65

Kentucky Derby Run for the Roses Wreath

The first Saturday in May, is a VERY big deal in the great state of Kentucky, for the last 143 years it has been known to us as Derby Day. Kentuckians love a good party, and throwing a derby party is right up there with the perfect wedding! We have to have lots of food,  lots of drinks, and LOTS of Roses!!! 

Kentucky Nerd Moment:

Garland of Roses  or as we call it.... The Run for the Roses

Each year, a garland of more than 400 red roses is sewn into a green satin backing with the seal of the Commonwealth on one end and the Twin Spires and number of the race's current renewal on the other. Each garland is also adorned with a "crown" of roses, green fern and ribbon. The "crown," a single rose pointing upward in the center of the garland, symbolizes the struggle and heart necessary to reach the Derby Winner's Circle.


So clearly I celebrate Derby Day every year, no matter where in the world my travels take me! When I'm home in Los Angeles I always through a proper Derby Party (PS. I love the Derby so much I had my bridal shower on Derby Day) This year I wanted to take my decor up a notch, but make it something I could keep (fresh roses get expensive quick!) So I was inspired my the garland of Roses that the winner gets draped with and I am tickled to show you how easy it is to make my DIY Run for The Roses Wreath!

You will need:

  • 15" or bigger (depending on your  door width) U form
  • 4" Red satin ribbon
  • 3" Gold ribbon
  • hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • 3 dozen plastic red roses
  • Scissors

Start by wrapping  the red ribbon around the U form, start at the top and working your way down I do it in 2 sections. I hot glue gun the end to the fabric 1/2 way and then start wrapping again until you've reached the top on the other side.

 Pop or cut the flowers off the plastic stems (they should pop right off) and hot glue them onto the ribbon wrapped U form starting at the top and building out as you go down and make it thicker thick 2 to 3 roses building it all the way around the U form.

Keep hot gluing the roses in clumps of 2 and 3 and glue in some of the leftover stem greenery as well to fill in your wreath. 

Now measure out your hanging ribbon ( I chose gold you can do a silver or a red ribbon, whatever you love!) to the desired length. IF you have a wreath hanger I suggest making it much shorter, so that it hangs properly in the desired location on your door. Also allow for 3 to 4 inches of extra ribbon on either side, so it can be used to glue down on the U form.

Place the hot glue on the U form then gently press the hanging ribbon in the glue then press it and let it set and dry before you hang it. ( I let this one set for 3 hours before I hung it... I really wanted to make sure it held and it's great!)

Finally, I stand there and admire my work, I always  do that, because I'm tickled to death that what  was in my brain actually came to life!!  I'm hanging my on my front door, but this could be great anywhere as decor for a Derby Party! Enjoy and Happy Derby Day y'all!!