I don't know about y'all but every year when "swimsuit season" rolls around I go through my old suits and wonder two things... 

1.) Why did I buy some of these suits I never even wore?

2.) Why do I keep buying the same style of suit every year?

So this year I'm getting out of my color comfort zone and branching out to some styles that work for my body type and I can actually enjoy myself in!

Here's some of my favorite suits and cover ups of the season!



3 Favorite Coffee Must stops on Oahu

When I get to enjoy my favorite beverage, Coffee. In my favorite place, Hawaii. Then clearly it needs to be celebrated and documented. Here are my top 5 (in no specific order) of must stop coffee shops. ** I have never been to the big island that is the only reason they aren't on there!


Kalapawai Market Kailua, HI

This out of the way family owned market on the east side of Oahu is a popular stop with the locals and travelers alike. There are 2 locations in Kailua I prefer the one by Kailua Beach Park it's got that original country store feel and make a mean Americano.

Olive & Oliver Waikiki, HI

Not only is everything here a social media worthy post...They make a mean cup of coffee too! Located just inside the Surf Jack Hotel ( which is also it's own little slice on heaven in a tourist heavy part of town)


ARVO Honolulu, Hi 

From the Moment you walk in ARVO you feel like you found your new neighborhood spot that that its in a shared space with  PAIKO Botanical Boutique (which will be it's own blog later I promise) and  MILO a Surf Boutique. It's laid back atmosphere coupled with its equally aloha vibed staff. From their Chia pudding to their amazing Avocado toast there's just about anything you're craving to go with your coffee... I have had many there,but the lavender coconut milk latte is my jam. Check them out you won't be disappointed!



 Lavender Coconut milk latte at ARVO

Lavender Coconut milk latte at ARVO

My Swimsuit Ready Quick Tricks & Tips

 SHipwreck beach on kauai, Hi.

SHipwreck beach on kauai, Hi.

Who's ready to feel fierce in your body this summer?!

Gettin' it right and tight is an all year round battle...but then I see tacos and margaritas and it becomes slightly seasonal....Anyone else? I am constantly in the struggle of eating clean and living in real life. I also work in a business that being "camera ready" is part of the job. Thank GOODNESS I don't have to throw on a bikini and go to work! Those women are rockstars and I applaud them! Luckily I am friends with so many awesome women who are cool enough to share their swimsuit ready secrets with me, so CLEARLY I had to share them with y'all... I mean... what are friends for!!


You're sackin' me up in what?

OK, I know y'all have seen women snatched up in every version of a Waist Trainer all over social media and I too was completely skeptical until my girlfriend Kelly insisted I get one so that we can be sacked up in them together. I instantly wanted to tell her can't we just wear spanx and drink wine, but since she's an actress and a fitness model I figured she knows what she's talkin' about. I ordered it and let's be real, a Waist Trainer is basically a Boujee word a good ol' fashioned corset...You know, like Scarlett O'Hara used to have to get sacked up in by 3 people in GONE WITH THE WIND... Well, I  have been wearing mine in 2 hour increments and I have to say I now realize I have NOT been holding my core in, in my everyday life. Which, let's face it we all slack on from time to time. and I can really see a difference. PRO TIP: Don't sit for long periods in it or drive in it! I got stuck in LA traffic wearing it, and it wasn't cute.

I'll Drink to that!

Did y'all know that most of the time, when you're so hungry you could eat a 3 day old half eaten  protein bar you found in the bottom of your purse you're actually just dehydrated and thirsty! It's true!! The best tip that I've been given to curb my appetite and stay hydrated is to drink half my body weight in ounces a day. So if you weigh 130 pounds you drink 65 ounces of water a day. You can also get that hydration and add to your daily water goal from drinking Iced Tea or Hot Tea (try to stay away from sugars) but sadly not coffee or wine (because you know I asked.) Go here for more tips on staying hydrated this summer.


Everyone looks better with a Tan.

Ok, that might not be a true statement, but my Mama has sworn by this my entire life so, naturally It's a personal life goal to keep a sun kissed glow...Which I have to be careful, because I love a tan so much I can quickly turn into Magda from SOMETHING ABOUT MARY if I don't check myself. I used to never wear sunscreen (PLEASE WEAR SUNSCREEN) now, I wear it everyday and I don't have the time I wish I had to be outside soaking up the sun safely. SOOOO, I've got 2 products that I swear by AND that work! Oh, and  smell good! The first is  Tarte Brazilliance Plus Self Tanner and Mitt it's only $39 and Sephora carries it. The mitt makes it easy to see going on and it's really is streak free and the closest I've seen to a natural glow for every skin tone. My personal method is to shower and exfoliate and put in on before bed wait about 10 minutes before I put on clothes. (I also have only white sheets and it never rubs off)

When I don't have time for Self Tanner and I need an instant tan I use Tarte Better Bod Bronze & Contour +Mitt  Its no joke and it's waterproof (full disclosure I have never swam in it, but I have sweat to death in it and it didn't come off) Now, be careful, because you can get REAL dark REAL quick! Then, the next thing you know you look like you're competing on DANCING WITH THE STARS. (Not that I'm ever opposed to that, especially if I got to wear one of those magical outfits!) So use it sparingly and know that what it looks like going on, is the actual color you will be. I like to let it dry a good 15 to 20 minutes before I put on clothes. You will have to scrub it off in the shower because it really is waterproof.

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